The following review was written by Deborah Fike and published in the Arizona Authors Association Newsletter (June/July 2010):

I am a dog lover, which means I love all things dog. This also means I read A LOT of dog related books—some good, some bad, some so-so. I recently read Pat Yaghmourian’s book, With Huskies, Who Needs a Rainy Day?, and I also passed it on to a couple of fellow dog lovers, and we are forced to agree that this is a true dog lover’s book.

Pat’s first book had nothing to do with dogs (there are a few non-dog books out there.) Most of her writing had been of an academic nature working on her degree.

“I began to think about writing a memoir because I wanted my daughter and her children to know the family members who had played such an important part of my life and devel- opment. I felt I needed a unique approach and when the idea of using the houses of my life as the settings in which I could place the events and people, I knew I could write the book.”

Pat self-published The Houses of My Life in 2000.

“I subcontracted segments of the book. The cover and format were done by one person, the proofreading by another and the printing by a local company. I learned a great deal because I ordered my own barcodes, dealt with the copyright issues and the future sales with online companies like Amazon. I formed Podaye Publishing at that time.”

With Huskies, Who needs a Rainy Day is the stories of her six Huskies. “Again, I needed a unique approach and when I thought the dogs could narrate their own story, I knew I could recreate their escapades. I also felt that readers would identify with the episodes and laugh and cry along with the Huskies.”

This reviewer had trouble putting the book down. Not only do you become involved in each dog’s life, the highs and lows, but you also gain an intimate understanding of this beautiful breed’s qualities and characteristics. I have to give With Huskies, Who needs a Rainy Day, and the dogs it lovingly portrays, two paws up.

The following review was written by Sherrie Kuehn:

With Huskies Who Needs a Rainy Day has touched me in so many ways. When I first read it 2 years ago I laughed, cried & related to all the escapades/ adventures/ sorrows of each husky. Told from their perspective I could feel & understand the mind of each dog. I became a partner with them on their adventures & how this so endeared me to each one!

With the recent loss of my own Siberian Husky I am re-reading the book and a healing from my grief is starting. So very meaningful is the description of Phoenix's farewell thoughts. I believe this expresses so perfectly what my Tasha was saying to me on our last journey together.
The poem "Remember" delivers a healing balm and is a consolation to anyone who has lost a soul-mate/ dear companion.
Though the book is about huskies, any lover of dogs needs to read it.
Sherrie Kuehn
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