With Huskies, Who Needs a Rainy Day?

"The Husky wondered about his world. He thought about where he had come from, and how he was different from other canines. He knew that the lands of ice and snow were home, but that he could live anywhere that man would take him as long as he could serve, and be loved in return."

"Rusty saw that the people on the patio were paying more attention to him and the small girl than to the band and the music. But, he was getting really tired, and finally had to lie down on the concrete side walk to catch a nap. His little friend lay down next to him and peeked directly into his sleepy eyes. He sensed that this was an extraordinary moment, and that he was scoring many points for his breed. He knew that everyone on the patio that day would remember the small girl and the charming Husky - both with the vivid blue eyes."

"Phoenix knew that Timba was waiting for him in this new beautiful world, and, when he woke from the dream, he was refreshed and happy. Instinctively, he knew too that all his family would be there together forever because, in this world, there was no passage of time, no suffering and no pain. He smiled."

The Houses Of My Life

"This is my story of those houses. But these structures represent more than just wood, brick, glass and stucco. They are the stories of the people who lived in, and passed through them, sharing happiness, sorrow, pleasure and pain."

"I try to understand why I have been given such tragedy and unhappiness in my life. I realize that I came into this lifetime fully knowledgeable of the experiences that I would encounter. I believe that there are no accidents."

"I've tried to learn that all life, it seems to me, moves between painful crisis and joyous celebration. If survived, tragedy can serve to develop courage and new levels of personal power. It forces you to meet the challenge or be lost in the enveloping darkness."
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What's New:
Iíve been busy writing a monthly book review for the Buckaroo newsletter published by the Desert Caballeros Western Museum in Wickenburg.

Iíve also started to research and write my Ireland reflections book and will soon complete Chapter Two - stay tuned for the progress. The title remains a Irish mystery to me and you.

In keeping within the book realm, Iím now on the Board of the Friends of the Surprise Libraries as the volunteer coordinator. Our books, DVDs and CDs are all donated. The monies made go to help support Surprise school libraries and needed requests for two Maricopa County libraries in the area Ė valuable work indeed.