Born and educated in New York City, I have lived in Arizona for 34 years. I learned my love and appreciation for books from my mother. She was never without a book in her hand. I taught sociology and American history in high school. After our move to Arizona, I worked as a division sales manger for World Book encyclopedia before deciding to go back into the school setting as a librarian. At age 50 plus, I had fun back on the college campus at the U of A earning a MLS degree. I truly have a lifelong love of learning and education.

It was while working as a high school librarian that an idea to write a book began. I wanted my story to highlight the people in my life who made a difference for me. When the "light bulb" struck, I knew that I could do it. By returning to The Houses Of My Life, I could set the stage for the people and events that were most significant and bring them to life so that my granddaughters would learn to love them as I did.

My first Husky, Frosty, entered my life in 1986. Rowena, my sister, already had her first, Phoenix, who had been purchased in a pet store in 1982. We have since added four more. I wanted to tell their story - but how? Another "light bulb" gave me the idea. I remembered reading Jack London's Call of the Wild and White Fang several times and admiring Buck and White Fang as the storytellers. Our Huskies could do the same and they have done so in With Huskies, Who Needs a Rainy Day? In their own fun loving style, they became the narrators of unique adventures and escapades.

Recently, I thought, there won't be any more "light bulbs." And then a bulb lit in Ireland. I will begin soon on glimpses of thoughts, feelings and impressions relating to the spectrum of shades of green that I saw in vivid colors on my trip. This will be my adventure to share with interested readers.

My logo is a unique drawing done by my artist husband, Edouard. It has our three huskies, Frosty, Rusty and Lily with a background of pine trees and a blue sky. Green is Ed's favorite color and, as you look closely, shades of green appear dominant. Lily, the black and white husky, is my cover girl for the new 2009 edition.
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What's New:
Iíve been busy writing a monthly book review for the Buckaroo newsletter published by the Desert Caballeros Western Museum in Wickenburg.

Iíve also started to research and write my Ireland reflections book and will soon complete Chapter Two - stay tuned for the progress. The title remains a Irish mystery to me and you.

In keeping within the book realm, Iím now on the Board of the Friends of the Surprise Libraries as the volunteer coordinator. Our books, DVDs and CDs are all donated. The monies made go to help support Surprise school libraries and needed requests for two Maricopa County libraries in the area Ė valuable work indeed.